Beurkundete "Menkyo Myo Shin Ryu Jujitsu Do"
durch Soke Allan Tattersall, Hanshi, Kyudan
Gründer des Myo Shin Ryu Jujitsu Do

Coming up to 50 years in Budo I have met many good people. Some of these people I have admired not only as a person, but also as a martial artist.

Among these particular people there are some very special to me, so much so that I feel that it is time to show my thanks by awarding the first ever Menkyo certificates of Chudan level of Myo Shin Ryu Jujitsu.

This new Ryu & Style was awared to me in 2002 by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Kyoto. the first time in 50 years; the first time ever to a none japanese. I have made out only 7 Menkyo Certificates each one is numbered.

So you to my dear friends. I hope you will accept this award in the spirit of Budo as a gift to your from to to a good & kind person as well as an exceptional Budo man.

Kaicho Allan Tattersall, Hanshi, Kyudan
Kyoshi, 7th DAN Iaido

The Menkyo Certificates received:
  • Christian und Roderick BAJADA (Malta)
  • Hugh DOHERTY (Australien)
  • Alexander ARABAJIEV (Russland)
  • John LAWTON (England)
  • Nigel TEW (England)
  • Wolfgang WIMMER (Deutschland)