At the moment my heart is in pieces, the same day 14th September was Sandras Birthday, when we were celebrating on the morning I had a phone call from Japan to inform me of the passing of a very Dear friend that very same morning.

My Sensei of 20.years Haruna Matsuo. 8th Dan. Kyoshi, the finest swordsman I have ever seen in Japan, the Chief Instructor of the Musashi dojo in Ohara the family home of Musashi, not only was he my sensei but my dearest friend in Budo, on my sword I still wear the Tsuba & sageo he personally fitted on for me in 1990 at his home, were I spent many happy hours with him, the Tsuba is 400. years old. In fact my home is full of gifts he gave me when he stayed here on his visits to England to teach, everyone knows even in Japan we had a speciel bond together from when we first met he was like a Father to me, but also like a brother.

In fact we had made plans to visit him in March next year after I found out he was suffering with cancer. He was just 7 years older than me, he was 76 years old.

The memory of him is all around my dojo, and I have many videos of him from his visits, as always he has made me lose many hours of sleep since I heard of his now it is only as I answer this email, he was the All Japan Iaido Champion 28 times and in all the competitions he never came less the Second! on a very few times I think 4 times 3rd.

Good bye, I will never forget you my friend!





                        Fujii Sensei with his Master Haruna Sensei,
                      Fujii Sensei was my first Iaido teacher in 1983